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Triax Neighbourhood Managment Team

As a community organisation with an environmental remit we run a range of programmes and projects to do our part in tackling the global climate crisis through localised work and initiatives. We work alongside other groups with a similar remit and statutory agencies and the wider community to ensure we are doing all we can to promote positive global change at a local level

Ballymagowan Allotment Project

Since March 2014 the allotment site has become a thriving community hub that incorporates not just the provision of growing areas but also education, healthy eating, mentoring, partnership with the Apex Social Supermarket, environmental awareness raising and a range of activities for both the allotment holders and the wider Apex tenant base in Creggan. The past year has been no exception with exciting new developments being explored and developed. Our site includes 38 allotments, 3 polytunnels, 2 orchards, Eco Pond and Water Conservation Project

More & Less Refill Project

‘More & Less’ is an exciting new project through the Triax Neighbourhood Management Team in partnership with The Pink Ladies Cancer Support Group. We are based in Pilots Row Car Park in the heart of the Triax Community and our aim is primarily to do “More” for the Environment using “Less” plastic!

This joint venture sees a community Environmental group and a local cancer support group raise awareness of the harmful chemical impact of plastic on both human health and the Environment. It will operate as a Refill shop encouraging customers to reuse plastic containers for dried foods and household items.  Customers can buy what they need, and this will in turn reduce cost and waste. We are all challenged to do more to reduce carbon emissions, reduce the use of single use plastics and be more informed of the impact of certain chemicals on our health.

This project follows on from our successful Green Mile Project which looks at removing Glyphosate from our communities and we have managed and maintained areas from here right across to the Gasyard Centre which would have previously been sprayed with this killer chemical.


Our Tus Maith Project involves 4 environmental workers who assist the community with a range of local environmental tasks including grass cutting, yard clearances, guttering, painting & decorating, handyman service. The team also assists with a range of community initiatives including the Mews Lane Project, area clean ups and the bulky lift service.

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