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Committed to Serving the Community

The Triax Neighbourhood Management Team are an organisation that have evolved out of 24 years of community development work in the Bogside, Brandywell, Creggan, Fountain and Bishop Street areas.

Read our Strategic Plan 2021-2024 here

Organisational History


During the Troubles the Bogside and Brandywell areas, together with the adjoining Creggan, Fountain and Bishop Street areas had been ravaged by violence. Emerging from this nightmare the local community began to become active in identifying and seeking to address the challenges it now faced.

Originally created as a community based coalition of 30 community and voluntary organisations from the Bogside, Brandywell, Bishop Street and Fountain areas the main challenge points that where identified at that time was the poor community infrastructure and facilities in the area. This, together with a commitment to explore the potential of
community development practices to address the areas high levels of multiple deprivation, were the founding principles of the Bogside & BrandywelI Initiative (BBI). 


The BBI, established in 1996, set out to help address problems facing local residents as they emerged from decades of conflict. For the next ten years the organisation lead the way in assisting individuals and organisations to address the deficit in community infrastructure in the area. This period witnessed the ongoing improvement of community facilities with the provision of new facilities and the upgrading and refurbishment of existing facilities.


As infrastructure improved, the BBI’s focus became more resident oriented rather than group focused. In 2006, in consultation with then then Department for Social Development (DSD), the BBI merged with Creggan Neighbourhood Partnership and became the leading community development organisation
in the area.


As our engagement with residents increased we became more involved in environmental improvement schemes at both the residential and communal level. A major focus of this work was based on the broken window theory to improve the physical appearance of areas where people lived and worked, through the rapid removal of graffiti and illegal dumping and assisting individual residents in the maintenance of their gardens. This in-turn lead to the establishment of the Fresh Start / Tús Maith project, which has seen 4 environmental workers employed by the BBI.

Also managed by BBI, the Peace Walls Project has been operational between Bishop Street and the Fountain since 2012. It focuses on building community capacity, developing initiatives in the local area to build community confidence within and between communities, and has the overall aim of working
towards cross-community agreement around barrier alteration, removal or de-classification.


The BBI, Tús Maith and The Peace Walls Project are all managed under the Triax Neighbourhood Management Team (TNMT) brand.

Alongside the home assistance work the TNMT has also established a schools environmental project that has promoted environmental awareness and delivered physical environmental improvement schemes in community hotspots.

Although we are a constantly evolving organisation our overall ethos remains. To recognise and address the challenges faced across the communities we support.




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